Murni Afiqah

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Salam alaykum. I'm a Malaysian and currently in my final year studying Religious Study (Islam) course at IPG Kampus Batu Lintang, Kuching. Born on November 12th, 1991 and currently living in my hometown of Lawas, Sarawak. I didn't travel much but I'd love to one day, especially to the Alps, Jiuzhaigou China, Korea and Canada. And as much as I love travelling and adventure, I love the internet and cats and foods too. Not a very good cook I must say but I love cooking (just lack confidence in it). Everything about nature fascinates me so don't be surprised if I say that my hobby is to watch the sky; the clouds and the stars and the animals in the wild.

If you know me, find me in social networks / websites and knock my door if you're there =)

p/s: I have me2day and Naver acc but most of the time I cannot understand the interface. lol.

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