Myrna King

Consultant in Austin, Texas

Business and Life Coach Myrna King is a thought leader in the realms of coaching, leadership, spiritual practice, and personal development. She specializes in project-based coaching for clients who are motivated to achieve results. As a coach, Myrna actively listens and identifies the gap between where a client is today and what they ultimately want to achieve, and develops a plan to cover the distance. She helps the client determine weekly project tasks and provides accountability and analysis, as well as insight that helps to strengthen and inform clients of their internal resources. As a result they achieve success in their current project and are better prepared for future projects.

Myrna offers both business and personal coaching. In her business coaching, she helps clients take their companies to the next level. She specializes in creating project plans and breaking them down into linear steps, and is often called in to revitalize a stalled project. In her life coaching, she helps clients meet the other goals in their lives, like improving relationships, increasing personal wealth and abundance, and reducing stress. She is also qualified to teach EFT and Kriya yoga meditation for individuals seeking to add these self-support methods into their daily lives. This juxtaposition of the business and spiritual worlds has given her unique insight into how people and processes relate to achieve their desired results.

Myrna recently cofounded the Austin Coaching Coalition. The organization exists for two purposes: to get everyday people connected with the coaching they need, and to provide business tools and training for coaches. Both of these goals lead to transformed lives—clients achieve results they didn’t dream were possible, and coaches can achieve a lifestyle that allows them very necessary work/life balance and revenue in order to continue the work over time.

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