Nadia Atsali

Art Director, Artist, and Designer in Athens, Greece

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I am Nadia, a highly creative thinker with the ability to inspire, motivate, produce and able to see the "big picture".

About 18 years ago I started my design career in Advertising. Excited to work alongside Art Directors, Account Managers, Copywriters, Creative Directors, Photographers, Production Managers, following guidelines to provide a finished product. All these years turned me into a reliable and dedicated inspired professional, with a diverse and vast creative experience. An achiever in the creative process. A Team leader and good team member.

I am responsible for C | Design Workshop, department of Chronis EpexMetal company. A creative design studio that focuses on delivering premium quality products.
The key metric in both creativity and innovation is value creation. Synthesizes new things that lead to Innovation, collecting precious experiences, creating products that crush the market and sales goals.
I claim to have "an excellent eye", completing the total aesthetics of premium products. Navigating dozens of ideas on the table, resolving debates, having the ability to commit to a direction, defend it and then sell it.

I want to win wherever I compete!

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