Natalie Benhayon


Natalie Benhayon is the Founder and Creator of the 'Our Cycles' App - providing a revolutionary approach to self-care and well-being in a simple-to-use application designed for both Women and Men.

The philosophy that founds the core principles of this App's design is simple - No matter what your age or gender there is a cycle for you to be aware of. ‘Our Cycles’ recognises that the more we connect to and observe what is going on in our bodies and how we are feeling the more opportunity we have to make different choices, both with ourselves and in our lives. This app makes self-awareness and self-responsibility fun and easy to track.

"I am dedicated to a life lived of true quality, which is reverberated throughout all that I do. This is never a goal for perfection, but a way of living that holds my loving integrity as a base for consistency and self-development."

The Team's dedication is to Women and Men everywhere in developing a product that supports your self-responsibility in true health, and true well-being.

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