Navid Zolfaghari

VP Sales at Branch in Redwood City, California

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Navid is a sales leader and startup builder who currently serves as the VP Sales for Branch, the leading deep linking and cross-channel attribution platform powering experiences for over 60,000 apps including Pinterest, Adobe, and Reddit. Navid joined Branch at the start of their monetization efforts to build and grow the sales team while creating sales processes to scale for rapid growth, resulting in a 400% average annual revenue growth rate during his tenure.

Previously, Navid co-founded Pinpoint to help advertisers connect the digital with the physical world through offline mobile ad attribution. Run by a team of Xooglers, they worked to create the first ‘beacon technology alliance’ which enabled advertisers to buy smarter.

Prior to Pinpoint, Navid was an early member at Wildfire Interactive, which was acquired by Google in 2012 for over $400M. During his time at Wildfire, he wore multiple hats to help the company scale from a couple dozen employees to hundreds, and ultimately helped integrate the team into their new role at Google.

When he's not leading a team of great humans, Navid can be found going on adventures with his wife and dog, playing poker, or channeling his inner Lebron James on the local basketball courts.

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