Nazgul Kemelbek

Nazgul Kemelbek

Driven, ambitious and multi-faceted professional with long-term focus on product marketing and technology. Asker of questions. Seeker of answers. Parent to a delightful 9-year old human. Observer of life and people. Writer of sorts. Lover of old fashioned letters.

I was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, studied Journalism, but chose a career in international development. During the course of six year non profit stint I managed human rights education programs, piloted sustainable funding programs for street children in Kyrgyzstan, experimented with digtal content strategy at NDI in Washington, DC, and managed operations for an awesome nonprofit Reel Grrls in Seattle before getting my MBA.

After being involved with number excellent startups and medium size companies as a marketing consultant, I joined inovia as a Product Marketing Manager and work with a great bunch of people.

In my free time I develop and grow my passion project kommuned, a resource blog dedicated to radically changing the narrative of the modern family.

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