Neil McMillan

Neil McMillan

Neil McMillan is an elite athlete who has played professional rugby in Belfast, Manchester and London for over eleven years. He has represented his country (Ireland) in international rugby competitions across the globe, and had the opportunity to work some of the world's best players, coaches and medical staff. Neil's experience in professional rugby developed a solid foundation in teamwork and education, which drove him to inspire and assist others in reaching their goals in terms of health, fitness and lifestyle, to achieve success. Gaining numerous coaching qualifications in the UK and the US, he has worked with school, universities and professional rugby organizations to develop fitness and skills for youth and adult players. Notably in the last year in New York, he was mentoring at West Point Military Academy's summer program. Coaching Fordham Preparatory to the state finals, and on the playing side, being crowned USA National Rugby Champions 2012, with the New York Athletic Club (their first ever undefeated season).

Which in turn, led to his involvement with the USA Eagles development side as a S&C coach. Finishing with, conditioning and testing the full Eagles squad in preparation for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Also in July 2014 he was promoted to forwards coach of the New York Athletic Club rugby team competing for their first Atlantic Rugby Premiership.

In the first season coaching NYAC, they won the D1 National Championship.

Outside rugby, health and fitness is a massive component of his life, and is what drove him to obtaining qualifications as a personal trainer.

His knowledge of strength and conditioning, rehab from injuries, nutrition and post exercise recovery is key in helping his clients to achieve their desired goals both mentally and physically.

Neil has instructed men's and women's group training classes, boot camps, and personalized strength and conditioning work too. Always looking to expand his skill set, Neil continues to learn new methods and approaches in the fitness world, to best advise clients on improving their lifestyle and feeling healthier.

The progress of all his skills & knowledge has resulted in the implementation of several High School S&C programs and elite level camps. Pulling together world class coaches & athletes to deliver training in the NY area