Nia Monet Ávila

Clemson, South Carolina

I am privileged to have found my passion and purpose in life by the tender age of 21. Upon entering my third year at Clemson University, my challenge is to arouse my campus' interests in sexual violence education, prevention, and all other topics they entail. It is my hope that my personal story of past sexual violence will help me reach my peers in a more intimate way.

Through digging deeper into the field of sexual violence prevention, we inevitabley learn about how social influences affect the culture around rape. Onward, conversations about about social influences, equity, and social justice emerge. I hope to facilitate these conversations with my peers, the leaders of today and tomorrow, to discuss how we can create a more inclusive and equitable society for generations to come.

With my recovery in full swing, I am now ready to utilize my unique strengths of mentoring and couseling, and my personal experiences for a greater positive affect in my community. I am in the process of searching for professional development opportunities to help my sculpt my career path.

  • Work
    • Clemson University Phonathon Program
  • Education
    • Lake Marion High School and Technology Center
    • Clemson University