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Almost half of the total energy consumption for typical households goes to heating and cooling. Therefore, as the prices of energy rise consistently, most home owners are mainly concerned about keeping the cost of heating and cooling down. There are various things that can be done in order to ensure heating and cooling efficiency and also save on these costs.

Conduct regular maintenance

Despite being one of the measures that can maximize the efficiency heating and cooling systems, routine maintenance is still a commonly neglected measure. Besides improving the efficiency of your system, regular maintenance by a processional at least twice a year improves your comfort and also helps you to avoid breakdown and other expensive costs that may arise due to negligence.

Vents and window

Thermal drapes do a very good job of keeping out the cold and heat that normally comes in through the glass panes. In case some rooms in your house are not currently in use, you should close down the vents in order to save on the costs of heating and cooling. The only climate control that your rooms should get is for the prevention of mildew. On the other hand, you should always close the fireplace damper when there is no fire at the fireplace. Sometimes cold air comes down through the damper and heat easily escapes this way because the warm air will rise. The seals around windows and doors and the insulation in ceilings and walls have a very huge impact on the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems. Ensure that all the windows and properly sealed in order to avoid the leakage of air in and out through the spaces.

Air conditioners

Clean the indoor and outdoor coils before summer and also adjust the blowers in order to ensure proper flow of air in the system. In order for air conditioners to run smoothly and efficiently, proper flow of air must be maintained especially over the indoor coil. Leaking air conditioning ducts can reduce the efficiency of the system. Therefore, such ducts must be sealed and tested for airflow. You might need the help of a professional contractor because ducts are normally concealed in attics, basements, and ceilings.

Air filters

It is vital to check the air filters regularly especially during the period when the system is used regularly. In order to ensure heating and cooling efficiency, you should change the air filters periodically. When the filters are dirty the systems