Nick Crumpton

London, United Kingdom.

Hi there. My name's Nick and I'm a zoologist.

I'm a post doctoral research associate at University College London where I'm studying lizard anatomy.

Before then I worked at the Natural History Museum in London for just over a year as a professional Science Communicator.

I completed my PhD at Selwyn College, Cambridge about the convergent evolution of sensory systems in small mammals that live in similar environments (like in golden moles and 'true' moles, which both live under the ground).

I've also been interested about what we can tell about the behaviour of the very first mammals that crawled about in the shadow of the dinosaurs by studying animals alive today.

I've recently been working with the BBC Natural History Unit and work with Flying Eye Books on beautifully illustrated childrens books about nature.

Here are a few links to my blog, more detailed linked in profile, BBC witterings and sorts of goodies.

  • Education
    • PhD (Cambridge)
    • MSc Palaeobiology (Bristol)
    • BSc Ecology (Leeds)