Nick Maselli

Consultant, Writer, and Small Business Owner in Beverly Hills, Florida

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I've worked in technology for more than 40 years, starting with a 14 year stint as an electronics technician.

From there I moved to technical support engineering for AT&T and its spin-off, Lucent Technologies.

I currently fix PC's and other things for residential customers out of my home in Florida (aka FLA USA).

If a generation is 20 years, you could say I've been fixing things for two generations.

Oh, and I'm also a writer, but you've never heard of anything I've published. Technical writers are seldom credited.

You could also say I'm a lifelong learner. I started my degree program in 1980 a year before IBM released its first PC.

I was awarded my BS in Computer Science in 2012.

  • Work
    • Western Electric
  • Education
    • BSc Computer Science