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I love to create artwork that I'm passionate about, and to connect with fellow art and music lovers online. My Music Lover's series seeks to convey the transformative power of music through artwork, its ability to lift our spirits and alter our state of mind. My Art of Invention series gives tribute to the adventurous, inventive spirit of our ancestors, converting old patent drawings into modern art decor. In 2013 I was awarded the FAA Artistic Merit "Tony" Award for art from my peers at, an online artist society with 170,000+ members worldwide. My signature piece, Guitar Siren, is now 12th on their best sellers list out of over 6 million images. My artwork and articles have appeared in many publications including The Houston Chronicle, Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, PAGES magazine, Somerset Digital Studio magazine and Flair! magazine. Collectors in 13+ countries and across the USA have decorated their businesses and homes with my artwork.

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