Nivedhitha Rajavelu


Hey...This is Nivi... Nivedhitha...!!

Rolling out unsurplus stuffs is quite an amazing thing . And things didn't change until I gave a serious thought to my passion and started a blog called Quintessence...
Until I started filling it with poems and quotes that happened to strike me every now and then - in the midst of sleep, at the walk of night , or over a sip of tea !

It became quite a good experience , that eventually with time my frequency of blogging increased and today it' feels good to say that Quintessence has almost 1,09,500 visitors (hitherto) and the same with some unrevealed wonders , is snowballing with time:)

One thing I learnt from my boss at previous orgzn :
If you know something, but dont do it, it's like you Dont know it.
Give ur passion a serious thought &
Thats when you' start seeing things change and mutate a lot!

I wished to be a doctor, but I'm now as an Engineer.
I wished to be a System Engineer. But I'm now as a Test Engineer.
I wished to a Test Engineer.But now I'm there as a Writer

Time changed the roles.
And roles changed the responsibilities of life .

More than an Engineer..
More than an Infoscion..I'd love to call myself a Writer..

So Keep Following, and show your support

So we can keep writing !

"If you're only going to write when you're inspired , you may be a fairly decent poet, but you'll never be a novelist"