Obinwanne Hill

New Jersey, USA

I'm a Civil Engineer turned Coder + Designer. It's funny, but Coders are now called Engineers so I guess I'm just an Engineer now. I still am very Civil most of the time though.

I love Technology, I think it holds great promise in transforming lives. I'm an Entrepreneur and love getting my hands dirty (and sometimes burnt) trying new things and learning in the process. My Soul runs on Creativity.

My short-to-medium-term goal is to create great products (mostly online for now) that add value to people's lives and help them do things they love easier, faster, cheaper, better and funner [not sure if that's an English word but you get my point].

My ultimate life goal is to somehow be responsible - directly or indirectly - for eliminating abject poverty in Nigeria i.e. no Nigerian [at home or abroad] lives on less than $10 a day, and enabling at least a million Youths to attain a minimum annual per-capita income of $15,000. That, in addition to having lived a Good Life, would make me a happy man on my death bed.

Thanks for stopping by. God Bless.