Oliver Barnes

São Paulo, Brazil

Looking for remote work, mainly as a Ruby engineer, but happy for a chance to work with Ember as well.

I have extensive experience developing Rails apps big or small, have tuned for performance, added coverage to and refactored legacy code. I've developed and integrated with APIs, and have some experience with service oriented apps. I'm currently developing a personal project with an Ember front-end app talking to a Grape API.

I'm interested in working in a team of easy going smart people, who value design of code and product, practice BDD and continuously refactor. Fans of Martin Fowler, Sandi Metz, and RubyRogues, of course wink And who value good work/life balance above all.

I'd be specially interested to work with a product related to government 2.0 or civic hacking. Also interested in fintech. But open to different kinds of products too, and to consulting shops rotating different projects.

Some code samples in contributions to open source projects: Heat Seek NYC, Grape, Twitter gem

I'm based in Brazil, traveling often to the US and Europe. I'm a US citizen and can work as a W2 in the US if need be, but happy to work as a contractor too. In Europe, I'd be very interested in shops based in London or Berlin.

  • #goverment2.0
  • #design
  • #servicedesign
  • #bdd
  • #refactoring
  • Work
    • Mentor at Bloc.io