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One Book Shelf

1 Bookshelf is a new online journal dedicated to your reflections about a favorite bookshelf. We believe each bookshelf--a single shelf--has a hidden story. We want to share those stories.

For those of us who read and write, books have a way of shaping our lives. Looking over my bookshelves, I witness the events of my life through the books I've read. Examining one bookshelf, I see six months or a year or a lifetime of experiences. It's not only what's in the book that shapes the experience. I've found part of the book experience is where I've read it, and what I was doing at the time, and who with. When I pick up a book, I see friends, family, and situations.

1 Bookshelf is a way to share our book experiences one shelf at a time. When you look at one shelf, what story does it tell? If you're interested in sharing your bookshelf or partaking in this oral history project, see our simple guidelines page.