Orchan Voazov

things designer, Things maker, and Things hacker in this group of universes

I was officially a geek until most people declared themselves geeks and told me I was in fact a nerd.

I do:

play games in the most creative ways I can,

work on a new kind of roleplaying game based on an original generic system optimised both for human practice and for simulation with algorithmic elegance,

rewrite lyrics and scores of famous songs to reflect online gaming and roleplaying experience. Then sing, record, arrange and create illustrations. (Leetchee also sing and record for me a lot),

capture and edit videos,

compose guild anthems on demand,

design and build small redstone computers

I did:

imagined, painted and coded Splortchs add-on for World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King in less than 2 weeks and got more than 1k downloads,

created on-lauch-random maps and custom spells for WarCraft III,

wrote texts and jokes about WoW that have been copied on several fan sites without my permission and got some /clap,

climbeb Hyjal Mount and reached Nordrassil on an official server while designers were still working on it.

Designed and took care of vieuxmonstres.org,

Important note so you don't play dangerous games: vade retro fake social networks.