Oscar Finch

Electronic Composer, Musician, and Sound Design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oscar Finch

Electronic Composer, Musician, and Sound Design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Welcome one and all to 2016.

The year has gotten off to a great start.

I am working on demo's for a new record label, received a great album review for Throwing Shade at The Even Ground and wrapped up a demo for Kilpatrick Audio's Carbon Midi / CV sequencer over the last couple of weeks.

DSO Berlin's new remix project "Romantic Revolution" offers one a chance to rework Bruckner's 8th Symphony. I was a finalist for the previous competition with Future Imperfect and this years offering 'Moments de lucidité consciente' offers another interesting take on some old themes.

This year I thought I would create an electronic deconstruction "as a lucid dream" hope this becomes an annual event as working with the compositions and samples provided is a real challenge and a bit of a fly or die experience.

I wanted the video to conjure up images of complex mandala's and the subconscious psychology of rorschach ink blot tests in the hope that the end viewer engages in some sort of lucid viewing experience themselves.

Being challenged is a healthy thing. It forces one to think more laterally and creatively in general.

For now I am back in the studio working on a new EP of ambient material whilst hopefully finding life anew on a record label that is sympathetic to my artistic endeavours and musical vision.

For those who haven't given my album a spin please note that Throwing Shade is now officially available via my artist bandcamp page.

The album title deliberately implies several metaphors that look back on events of recent years whilst rediscovering my musical roots.

I would like to thank the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin with extra thanks to the crew at Roland Canada, Paul McCabe, Andrew Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Audio and everyone at Elektron HQ for such inspired tools.

Throwing Shade is dedicated to the memory of my loving Father. "A life less lived is a life more ordinary".

Stay tuned for more in 2016 with my music venturing into more ambient and chilled out waters.

It is going to be a wonderful year.

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