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Osoronko Nana-Yabani

OPPF Headquarters, New York

Osoronko Nana-Yabani, a national of Ghana, is a self-made scholar. While a student in England, Osoronko was deeply inspired by the ideas and policies of the Swedish statesman, Olof Palme. In the spirit of his mentor, Osoronko has dedicated himself to promoting human rights, peace and international development. Osoronko has worked throughout the continent of Africa, serving as an emissary of the United Nations in assessing the conditions in prisons in Western Africa.

Osoronko is a life-long poet and he has used his poetry as a mean for peace, breaking down barriers of hatred, racism, and ignorance. He wrote a poem to honor former Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme. Osoronko also delivered a poem on the theme of peace at the opening ceremony of the United Nations.