Otattemita (Ota)

San Jose, California

Life is movement and song. Life is what makes me strong. Life is where I belong. Life is forever long.

I am a student, a traceur, a philosopher, a musician, a designer, a nerd, an enlightened thinker, a lunatic, a maniac, but most importantly. I am me.

There is little to say more than what is there to be said. I am an eternal student, born under the zodiac, Cancer. I have gone through many a trial and tribulation, tumult and turmoil, but I have managed to come out on top. The next stages in life are but a mystery until my minds' eye has seen it to believe. I take gratitude and appreciate all there is to offer. I look at things at almost all angles, and approach the problem with a multitude of different options for a solution. However there cannot be me without drawbacks. I am easily taken upon my tasks and moved unto the next, without completing the other. I am quick to shame, but quick to honor. I am known for being a rapscallion, filled with mischief and naughtiness, but that cannot be a demerit of what kind of person I can be. I am selfless, I am full, and I am smart.

"C Natural, B Natural" - Ota

  • Work
    • San Jose Bike Party
    • C Natural, B Natural
    • San Jose Bicycles
  • Education
    • San Jose State University