Otávio Banffy

Game Localization, Senior Translator, and Pro in São Paulo, Brasil

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Hi there, I’m Otávio.

I'm a Senior Translator and Pro at Smartcat.

That means I turn your English project into Portuguese, for the Brazilian Market. Whatever the project, big or small, I can help solving your problems.

I also happen to have worked as a Video Game Quality Assurance Tester, which means I can help you squish bugs and improve your game's quality.

Please, reach out. We'll figure the rest out.


I studied at FATEC-SP, and EsPCEx.

I can translate:

- Games (Board Games, RPG Systems, Video Games)

- Websites

- Books (Novels, Manuals, Children's Books, Guides)

- Subtitling of TV Series, Shows and Courses

- Marketing Material

Some of my translation projects include the subtitling of two major Coursera Online Courses, the entire localization of the TM-Town website, and the undergoing localization of the acclaimed Dragon Age 2 video game.

I wrote a leadership manual for the military during my stay at EsPCEx, and worked in multiple Beta/Alpha Software Testing programs.

Check my working environment at smartCAT, visit my ProZ.com Profile, see my Recomendations, and connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.