Owen Evans

Software Engineer, Public Speaker, and Small Business Owner in Wellington, New Zealand

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I'm a pragmatic sofware developer with a passion for usability and testing. I'm the Lead Platform Engineer at 8i.com. Putting humans into Virtual Reality. Previously I co-founded and was CTO at Hoist one of the first headless compute plaforms. I work a lot in Node.js. I also run WDCNZ a conference for people who build software for the web, where the only rule is that speakers can't be afraid of code. I used to be Chief Architect at Xero the worlds most beautiful accounting software.

I'm a Welsh, but now live full time in Wellington, New Zealand one of the best countries in the world. You should come for a visit. I also have two young daughters who I hope will feel they can do whatever they want, even if that's follow me into software development.

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    • Hoist Apps Ltd