Prague, Czech Republic

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Jan's professional experience has brought him into the field of organizational consultancy.

As he has 11 years of enterprise software architect experience his specialty in organizational consultancy is the information technology business vertical.

He is more than capable to lead IT projects, facilitate technical discussion and grow empowered IT teams.

Thanks to unique personality blend Jan possesses, throughout the time it has become very easy for him to spot points of growth for organizations, companies and social structures. His proposals and change initiatives have brought results that has helped many organizations to thrive and become productive.

Jan is also a founder and ambassador of Czech Community Building Institute (www.institutbk.cz).

The toolbox Jan uses consists of:
· Agile/Lean Management
· Coaching
· Facilitation
· Servant Leadership
· Community Building (the Scott Peck method)

Feel free to contact him, either via
phone call 00 420 608 622 091 or the following form.