Pamela Vozza

Phoenix AZ

SNAPSHOT. My friends will tell you that I am creative, outgoing, upbeat and very patient.

PROFESSIONALLY. I am a creative communications strategist, trying to anticipate what needs our audience may have, what messages we wish to deliver, and how best to disseminate them. Love technology and definitely a "geek girl".

HOW'D I GET HERE? I grew up wanting to teach elementary school because I loved the enthusiasm of children and the unique way they see the world. They ask great questions, don't they? Instead I took art classes and spent four years in business school. August 2015 I'm heading back to school with the aim of completing a Masters in Strategic Communications.

PERSONALLY. I am a tree-hugging paleo-vegan, technology-loving, essential oil dabbling, sci-fi watching urban hippie mom who can't live without her iPhone. Or, the corner coffee house. School supplies. My Kindle. World beat music. Oh, and killer iPad apps!

FOR FUN. I run a fitness group on Activities that get me really stoked include making amazing raw vegan pies, anything happening in downtown Phoenix and mud-run obstacle course races. Yeah, I don’t look it but I’m a little bit crazy like that.

  • Work
    • Public Information Officer
  • Education
    • BS Business: Marketing Management