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Reiki Educator, Spirituality Writer, and Photographer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Pamir Kiciman is dedicated to being a catalyst for transformation by bringing our True Nature and the teachings of Oneness to the forefront in individuals and in society at large. He's here to help people answer existential questions, and live from a foundation of abiding qualities with meaning and purpose.

He is a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Oasis Reiki Dojo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He teaches Reiki and Meditation all over South Florida and globally.

Reiki is a way of living that brings back a sense of peace with oneself and harmony with one's surroundings. It provides wisdom in here-and-now difficulties and is a resource for empowerment in one's responses to challenges. Life is full of questions and many of the answers are available without having to go outside an individual'€™s own scope. Reiki is a teaching that accesses innate wisdom and intelligence, as well as compassion, which propels a vision of one's potential.

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