John Pathfinder Lester

community, virtual worlds, and education in Montreal, Québec, Canada

John Pathfinder Lester

community, virtual worlds, and education in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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John is an immersive learning guru, virtual world pioneer, culture builder and online community creator. He’s led projects and teams from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and his background includes neuroscience research, infosec, fintech and knowledge management.

With his background in neurology, John developed the first immersive medical education products and online patient support communities while doing research at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. John co-founded the the first computer security hackerspace "The L0pht," he’s a long-standing member of the oldest white-hat hacker group "Cult of the Dead Cow," and he led the development of pioneering immersive learning education initiatives for Second Life while working at Linden Lab.

John works with businesses and organizations building immersive multiuser online environments, peer-to-peer networks, and knowledge management systems that support collaborative work. He's Chief Learning Officer at Billions of Us, where he helps people change the way they learn and work in a world that has changed.

Video meetings and online communication tools are too often transactional and lack a sense of place. We are sheltered from the chemistry of the unexpected and a sense of being together in the same space. Multiuser 3D virtual worlds give us back a sense of shared beautiful spaces filled with other people and the creative spontaneity that arises naturally between them. At Billions of Us, John helps organizations improve collaboration by increasing emotional bandwidth, cultivating empathy and building innovative communities that encourage serendipity.

John also works with open source communities like Ravencoin and Urbit on developing new business models and frameworks for social networks, financial instruments, and issuance platforms for traditional securities and digital assets.

His hobbies include being a friend to animals, drone photography, and fixing old clocks.

Twitter: @Pathfinder
Urbit: ~naltyc-wornes
---=[ aka Count Zero -cDc- ]=---

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