Paula Aromando

As a designer my business philosophy is women, regardless of their age, want to look amazing but not compromise her personal taste for the sake of "fitting in" or rolling with the "right" crowd. Why is this important? Each of us has a unique personality. Through my embellished designs, washes/ finishes and my own personal creative flare, I change a plain basic apparel item, the same since 1802 when Levi Strauss introduced jeans into the mining camps, and I make them pop!
My first love started two years ago with Bling Jeans Company. I market towards the Tweens giving them an avenue to express themselves. I encourage them to NOT want to simply fit it. I encourage them to FIND their own identity. Not everyone HAS to be in the “IN” group. The uniqueness of a Tween feeling comfortable in their skin is challenge enough.
I may change my site,, into a more fun and personal way for consumers to shop. It will be interactive, a one stop shop to design a pair of jeans. And at some point Polyview may be an option through Facebookincluding 5 female drivers called "The Z-Street girls. The point most important to me here is to give women a fashionable, unique, and artsey way to actually BE themeselves and not DO what the masses innately do. We are like hoards of wilda beasts most the time. I want to change fashion, create loyality to an all American past-time of NASCAR and teach women to be REAL!