Paweł Górski

Since I was 10 years old, I've had chances to take responsibility and lead different teams: as a football team's captain, football coach, students council president, country director of the biggest non-profit youth leadership organization in the world.

I have learnt that the world is becoming a better place thanks to people who dare to be leaders and role models for others in their communities. I believe the way we treat and lead people in the organizations impacts the way they treat people in their social circles.

That is why I want to commit my life to help:

organizations to reach their goals while creating an excellent environment for their people to thrive.

children and young people to have an access to education that truly awakens their potential

people in achieving what they want against their concerns and doubts

In my free time, I support UNICEF Next Generation community as a Steering Committee Member to raise awareness of young people and adults about Vietnamese children's issues.

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