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A pen drive brings us unpredictable risk as well as great convenience. We are always accustomed to save our handy files in a pen drive instead of in a computer. Particularly for businessmen who travel a lot and have tremendous meetings, a pen drive becomes your best friend as this tiny piece of thing carries your important files for any formal or informal occasions demand. But have you ever suffered the following situations and need to retrieve lost files from your pen drive?

Situation 1: accidentally deleted files, they are lost forever
I thought some of files in the pen drive will be in no use and decide to delete them. So I just selected some and executed delete command. Never noticed that until one day I realized I have deleted a few of my really important files which were not intended to be done. I checked the recycle bin with nothing found. They are lost forever. Is there any way to retrieve my deleted files?

Situation 2: drive shows the disk in the drive is not formatted
When I inserted my drive to my computer, it's detected but showing the disk in the drive is not formatted with a message pop out like "pen drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?" I don't want to do it as I have got so many files in it. But I know if I don't format it my pen drive will be no useful any more. So I formatted it according to the indication. Thus all my files are lost. Is it possible to retrieve formatted files?

Situation 3: 16gb pen drive got virus attack and all the files lost
I was doing a paper in a net café bar using a public computer. I knew exactly I have saved the documents to my drive. But when I came back home and opened it to my laptop. Nothing is in it and all my paper files are gone! Almost the same time my laptop hinted me there were a few vulnerabilities. That's extremely odd and I felt so frustrated. I guess probably my drive got virus or Trojan attacked in the café bar computer. How should I do if I want to retrieve my lost files?