Pete Miller

Life Coach, Filmmaker, and Writer in New York USA

Pete Miller

Life Coach, Filmmaker, and Writer in New York USA

I teach MC and Event Hosting.
So live events rock.
So artists are introduced with flair and care.
So the audience knows whats going on.
When and where.

I was mentored; so I mentor others.
To keep the chain going.

Clever speakers use MC and Event Hosting to rapidly improve their onstage skills.

They clock up ‘StageTime’ as Wedding Event Host MCs.

They learn to use the 3 Freebies:

  • Vocal Variety
  • Facial Expression
  • Body Language

Free templates at SpeakersCoach

I script and direct films about Communication in the USA aka public speaking Central HQ.

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  • Work
    • SpeakersCoach
  • Education
    • Drama Studio Sydney
    • Chiang Mai University, Thailand
I’ve been working with Peter Miller now for over seven years. Not only is he a fantastic public speaking coach, he’s also a great mentor and a great friend. The question you’re probably asking yourself is, can I afford public speaking coaching? The question you actually need to ask is, can I afford not to? Public speaking coaching is not cheap and excellent public speaking coaching certainly isn’t cheap which is exactly what Peter offers. Importantly, Peter walks his talk.
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