Peter Gow

Dedham, Massachusetts USA

As an independent school teacher, college counselor, coach and administrator for nearly 40 years, I’ve helped prepare thousands of students for selective college admissions and happy, engaged, and meaningful lives. Nothimg matters to me more than helping students become the very best versions of themselves--smart, curious, passionate, and engaged.

My career in education and my own experience as the parent of academically enthusiastic and successful kids has convinced me that helping children find real interests early in life is the key to helping them find success in school, in college admissions, in college and graduate school, and above all in LIFE.

I know that children’s curiosity, their capacity for wonder and excitement and their desire to follow their interests, is the Number One factor in academic success. Great and successful students aren’t just enthralled by their schools’ curricula, they are also turned on by extracurriculars and by activities in and out of school–and they are ready to pursue their interests to the highest level.

THE INTERESTED CHILD is about offering children new things to think about and new things to do–activities and pursuits that can transform interests into passions and commitments. This site is a resource for families and educators who believe that EVERY child is capable of pursuing their education and their lives with an intellectual passion that selective colleges expect and that employers crave.

Along with creating THE INTERESTED CHILD, I’m also the author of books and articles on schools and teaching and a consultant to the National Association of Independent Schools. I’ve spoken to audiences of educators around the United States and Canada. I understand the ways schools work and the ways teachers can inspire and harness children’s curiosity and spirit.

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    • Gow & Associates
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    • B.A. Yale University; A.M. Brown University