Peter V. Milo

Brooklyn New York United States

Like Dennis Duffy in 30 Rock I was born in Coney Island.

I wish I could make a living from Instagram and my word doodlings in Scrivener. Maybe a book? I would love to do a book, a proper paper book that smells like an old library.

Would you buy it?

Graduated from The New School where I studied Liberal Arts with concentrations in creative writing, screenwriting, and photography.

If I put my full work history down on my resume it would take about five pages because I worked in all sorts of jobs: retail, Food Prep, Factory Work, IT, Software Development, Web, Arts, and journalist.

Currently I'm unchained and writing a pilot. I'm interested in freelance work, or a permanent content position, or production role.I'm willing to relocate to another major metropolitan area for the right position.

In my spare time I partake in one of my many loves, either photographing things that are around me, playing video games, watching a movie, typing away at something if I'm hot, or I'm bike riding weather permitting.

  • Work
    • Currently Unchained
  • Education
    • New School University