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Personal Injury Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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As a driver, you cannot always anticipate a traffic collision. Based on research data, there are six million crashes annually in the US. If unfortunately if you are involved in this unfortunate situation, contact one of the best Philly auto accident attorneys - Steven L. Chung, Esquire, LLC. He provides efficient and effective representation to anyone who is involved in car crash cases.

He works carefully to analyze police reports, and evidence such as body damage, skid marks, the position of the vehicle, potential surrounding factors, and statements from the witnesses. Mr. Chung conducts the most relevant research to present a severe case to help maximize the client’s recovery. He also has experience as an insurance defense lawyer which will help you avoid company traps and other legal pitfalls.

Call him today for a free case evaluation! Do not wait too long as this could result in losing your rights. Discuss your case today with an experienced car accident lawyer.