Pita J

Filmmaker, media, and communications in Phoenix, Arizona

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Pita Juarez is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in the border state of Arizona. Pita, a Guatemalan-American, is inspired by social issues affecting underserved and Latino communities. In her current role as Director of Communications at One Arizona, Pita supports the issues that matter to the immigrant community by highlighting Arizona’s stories of resilience in international, national and local media outlets.

Pita is a contributing writer for Spanish and English publications and works across a variety of mediums including film and radio. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Hill, CNN Latino, Fusion, Univision, Remezcla and The Arizona Republic. In partnership with NPR One training, Pita develops and produces Mira Listen, a podcast "for Latino Millennials, by Latino Millennials" that serves bilingual, immigrant, LGBTQ, and activist communities. In 2015, Pita produced the independent documentary Salud Sin Papeles which motivated her to direct and produce her second documentary, You Racist, Sexist, Bigot, out in 2018. Pita takes pride in creating films that she hopes will engage and inspire diverse audiences to effect change in their communities.

  • Education
    • Arizona State University