Pixie Wildflower

Pixie Wildflower

I have always loved drawing since I was a little girl. I enjoyed art classes at school very much. When I was a teen, I sent off one of those "Can you draw this?" cartoons and was contacted back. I received a Certificate of Merit from by the Art Instruction Schools.

The representative suggested that I receive training, but I didn't have the funds for it. My own brother thought I should take Commercial Art in school, but I ended up taking secretarial and administrative courses as I thought there would be a wider job market.

For many years, life got in the way and I didn't so much as doodle. However, a dear friend rekindled my interest in art by drawing me as a fairy. I started drawing then, mostly just to relax. As time grew on, I tried painting, digital art and pixel art. I then started putting my work at deviantArt.com. and places like that.

I have a published art book "The Art of Pixie Wildflower, Vol. 1" available through LuLu.com. Some of my art and poetry has been published in a book with other fairy artists compiled by Christina Davis entitled "Faeries through the Seasons" available at Amazon.com.

Visit me at pixiewildflower.com