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Petr Jankuj

Prague, Přerov (Czech Republic)

Petr Jankuj is student at ICT Prague since 2009. Petr specializes in chemical engineering, bioengineering and mathematical modeling and also programming. He likes cycling, skiing and traveling in his free time.

He was the first iOS developer in the Czech Republic in 2008. Since opening Apple App Store on July 10, 2008 he developed wide range of mobile applications. Most of them are improved until present. Developing his own mobile apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad gave him excellent experience with developer tools such as Xcode, Interface Builder and Instruments. Objective-c is his favourite language of course.

His qualities was proved by other companies which he developed some other apps for. Nowadays he is responsible for public transport app of czech media group MAFRA and he is developing cool tennis app for sports fans called Resultina.

Event though Petr developed a few apps for companies, he works as freelancer and he loves improving his own apps for users. His the most succesfull app is called "Pocket IDOS" and it allows you to serach transport connections in the Czech Republic. His other apps are listed in the links section.

The best feeling for him are his satisfied customers.

You can contact Petr at pjankuj @

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