KEN kisselman

KEN kisselman is an ‘Outside-The-Box’ Thinker and Artist.

Specializing in Integrated Interactive Marketing and Cross-Channel Strategy & Analysis

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Discovery, Ideation, and Planning

15+ years professional experience devising, developing, and optimizing integrated interactive programs with online & full-service agencies, media communications companies, and consulting clients

25+ years intellectual background exploring how storytelling in mass media and popular culture influences consumer identity and behavior

Comfortable with MarComm, eCommerce, and B2B&C eBusiness challenges; KEN has guided programs for clients including: Aeropostale, Beck’s Beer, BMS, Crazy Eddie, Dentyne, GSK, J&J, Lowe’s, M&M’s, March of Dimes, Merck, Nickelodeon, RJ Reynolds, and numerous news/content publishers.

KEN has led online channel strategy for the launches of both the first MSA cigarette consumer web presence (RJR: Doral) and the world’s first cancer vaccine (Merck’s Gardasil).

KEN’s skills
in Socratic Consultation, Consensus Building, and Workshops & Activities grow from the methodological penchant & praxis of his academic roots sharpened by professional training & practice.

KEN’s work
in Cross-Channel Marketing and eBusiness
is grounded in an academic background as a Media and Cultural Theorist focused on the evolution of visual, textual, performance, and participatory communication from oral to literate to post-literate cultures.

KEN has a BA from Drew University and a Postgraduate Degree with additional research at The University of Wales, Lampeter