priscila guedes

priscila was born in 1981 and raised in the city of rio de janeiro, brasil.

after interrupting her graduation in international relationships, priscila entered the escola nacional de belas artes (national school of arts) of the federal university in rio de janeiro, where she studied visual arts. since then, she hasn’t stopped realizing art projects.

more than a videomaker and a visual artist, priscila became a contemporaneous multimedia artist, creating works where the distinction between scenic, plastic, digital, poetic, provoking, sensorial and awakening cannot always be made.

the artist is permanently studying in search of new supports for her works, which include experiences with static sculptures, uncommon watercolor paintings, the human body as a surface and environment mixed with materials not used so far as such, and specific site installations, in which she has expressed herself more completely these last years.

at present, priscila lives in marseille - france, where she's majoring in high-definition cinema, and "travels" around different crowdfunding platforms, to perform her projects.

photo: cinerichard prod