Vaughn Robert Squire

Day: Barber / Owner at Squire Barbering.

Night : Produces, Remixes & DJs as Prison Garde | (@prisongarde) physical releases on 100%Silk and ASL Singles Club.

Spare Time : Independent Creative Director | Graphic Designer | Cultural & Nightlife Programmer // Portfolio. Videographer | Editor | Scoring // Vimeo. Gallery Curator | Programmer at Catalog Gallery (October 2010-June 2012).

Likes : 50's Stamped Teak Furniture | 60's cocktail dresses with heels | 70's american muscle cars | 80's Post-Punk NY, House and Rap | 90's Graffiti | ∞ Future Club Music.

Swiss Type & Design, Anything Bauhaus Related, Heavy Frame Tattoo Machines, Modular Synths, Steel Track Bikes, Roland Analog Synths and Drum Machines, Hand Painted Signage, Railfolk & Hobo Memorabilia, Japanese Salvage Denim, 17-Jewel Pocket Watches, Thick Frames, Straight Razors & Kentucky Bourbon.

Occult warehouse music / mystical club rap and r&b / clunky electronic heat / no poser sh*t / Live P.A.

Bookings for North America : Surefire Agency.

Photo by Richmond Lam.