Display Calibration

Professional TV Calibration in United Kingdom

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What Is ISF Calibration?

ISF calibration is the practice of optimising a television or video projector so that it displays images in the way they were meant to be viewed by the content creators. When a TV show or film is painstakingly produced the final result is screened on a grading monitor calibrated to international video standards. Unless the end user watches material at home on a properly adjusted display he will never experience films or TV episodes as they were intended. This variance could be subtle or substantial depending on the viewer's settings. The standards for colour televisions go back decades. It's true that TVs are constantly evolving and changing (as is the case with HDR viewing) but mainstream SDR is still the main source of material for most viewers.

What Does It Involve?

Firstly the end user would need to locate a suitably qualified calibrator. The Imaging Science Foundation lists certified engineers on their website both by country and region. Once a suitable professional has been located and an appointment scheduled the process begins. That may sound strange but most calibrators will actually begin working at home by researching your display and source combination. This is particularly true if the engineer hasn't worked on your particular TV. When they arrive at your home they will have a plethora of equipment including a spectrophotometer, pattern generator and specialist software. A vast array of colour and white balance measurements will be taken until the calibrator is happy that no further improvements can be made.

How Long Does ISF Calibration Take?

Expect your ISF calibration appointment to take between three and six hours. Video projectors normally take longer than televisions due to the lower levels of light output requiring longer readings from the probe. If SDR, HDR and 3D memories are required the appointment time will be increased and the prices charged are likely to be higher.

Is Professional TV Calibration Worth It?

This is very much down to the display being calibrated. High-end TVs normally have an oversupply of colour adjustment controls available to the calibrator. The net result of this is that the engineer will be able to achieve a very accurate image and a worthwhile result. Cheaper displays usually lack in-depth adjustments so the end result is not likely to be groundbreaking.