Tommy Harris

Over the next few minutes but you can go right on your next procedure that seems several minutes and we talked last time briefly about of the nailer looking at that fiber posts and we figured. Out okay we want high fiber content more likely you want translucency so you can transmit light to expedite the process save time save money on now on the shapes not not so much the geometry. Of notes and crannies and slots in shingles and all that but parallel in and tapered we talked last time about but I think we should readdress maybe what is the tooth while once. The two saying hey you know what this is what I want well it's it's fancy but if you want to achieve the nested design a post I doubt very much that would come up with a parallel shape your best, clinicians the perspective. Of what what what retains tooth root is it is taper the canal space inside of them properly is going to be tapered and therefore if you have a material.