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I am a RETIRED NYCity employee, living in the NYC Metropolitan area, been married for 26. We have no children, which is okay since one of us suffers from a genetic condition that we didn't want to pass on to any children we might have had. I'm an author of two Christian books and a blogger. You can read my Christian blog by clicking on the link below the photo above.

In August 2014, I began reviewing books of all types as my secular self. In 2018 I read/reviewed my first nonfiction Christian book. In 2019, 118 of the 263 books [about 45%] were for these books. So far, in 2020 about 80% of the 50+ books I've reviewed have been more these books.

Reading this number of nonfiction Christian books inspired me to write my first Christian book, YA/NA Christian romance novel, “It Had Only Been a Game.” In the process of writing this book, I got guided by the Lord to write another book containing a collection of short stories and essays written around a prompt word. Each of these stories has a Christian theme that became my second Christian book entitled, “Christian Short Stories & Essays.” The last item in the book is my testimony to the Lord thanking for making into the author of two Christian books that I an now. I needed to separate these books from my secular endeavors, so I wrote these Christian books as R.L.Morgan.


Both books got published on January 11, 2020. Publishing these two books caused me less than a month later to create my Christian blog, "Trying to Be a Good Christian Woman."

At the same time, after being on the internet since around September 2011, I felt I should finally post photos representing who I am.

I would love for you to become a friend on my Christian Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as a follower of my Christian blog site. [See links below]. And on Facebook, I've also created a Christian group called "Worldwide Christian Women United"


I had a problem with my BlogSpot site, too many individuals could get there and got a block saying it was unsafe. I now have a WordPress site and post all of my Christian Book reviews there, Just have to make sure I got everyone.

Have a BLESSED DAY to ALL of my "sisters" and "brothers." Let us grow our faith together as the family that we are in the eyes of the Lord,

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