Rachel Lambert Miller

Engineering Technician in Austin, Texas

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Support My Charity link will take you to AustinPetsAlive! so, not actually "my" charity per se, but one that I support and where I volunteer.

"Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on." - Unknown.

nǐ hǎo. namaste. 'sup! I'm Rachel. Capriquarius. American. British. Left-handed. Lover of all things sparkly. Book reader. Music listener. Polyvore designer. Star Wars geek/freak/aficionado. Food lover. Chronic over-thinker. Occasional traveler. Pro list-maker. CAD Drafter. Old-School gamer (the PS2 still rocks).

Loves to sing in the car during the morning commute (lack of talent not an issue). Plays desk drums surprisingly well. Appreciates photography, art and the body physical but doesn't own a camera, a paintbrush or, for that matter, another body. Minor addiction to buying purses and shoes that I never actually use or wear.

I am thoroughly owned by my cat, Smudge and completely loved by my mum, Mum. While I eternally seek the good stuff in life, I've been known to settle for crumpets and brisket. And potato waffles. Washed down with a decent cup o' tea. I refuse to give up (on pretty much anything) easily, but sometimes life is hard enough and there are times that you just have to take the easy route if one's presented to you #noshame.

Always remember it's not just beauty that lives in the eye of the beholder...

  • Work
    • LCRA
  • Education
    • BSc in Business Marketing Management at Western Governors University
    • Certified CAD Drafter at Austin Community College