Rachel Lambert Miller

Drafter in Austin, Texas

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nǐ hǎo. namaste. 'sup! I'm Rachel. Capriquarius. American. British. Left-handed. Lover of all things sparkly. Book reader. Music listener. Star Wars fan. Food lover. Chronic over-thinker. Occasional traveler. Pro list-maker. Old-School gamer (the PS2 still rocks).

I love a good sing-along in the car during the morning commute; lack of talent is a non-issue. I have a minor addiction to buying purses and shoes that I never actually use or wear, but Goodwill appreciates it. Trotting through life at a cracking pace, wondering when things are going to get exciting.

I am thoroughly owned by my cat, Smudge and completely loved by my mum, Mum. While I eternally seek the good stuff in life, I've been known to settle for crumpets and potato waffles. Washed down with Tiramisu and a decent cup o' tea.

"Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on." - Unknown.