Rachel McAdams

While you are ironing out the details, I'm seeing the big picture, and moving accordingly.

If you tell me I'm good at something, I'll want to be better. If you tell me I'm better, I'll want to be the best. If you tell me I'm the best, I'll want to raise your bar for what "being the best" means.

Flattery will get you everywhere with me.

I love being outside, driving around with the windows down, taking pictures of strangers and "ugly" things, drinking coffee, people watching and talking about the meaning of life with my friends.

I love the things of comfort. Blankets, cozy pillows, couches, cats and dogs, hot tea, coffee, tomato soup. My fried chicken is amazing.

I hate clutter, but I have it anyway.

I'm really nice... until I'm not. I have lots of weird quirks that make me a pain in the ass most days.

I don't trust strangers. Or acquaintances. Or friends. Or my family. Or you.

I'm a red dirt Texas girl, with overrunning emotions, cold eyes, hot passions and snark for every occasion.