Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins

Washington State

Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins was born and raised in Houston, Texas for the first sixteen years of her life.

Her childhood was not the happiest and she had to deal with challenges that impacted her life. The place she says that gave her peace was at the ocean walking the beaches, swimming in the Gulf or swinging in the hammocks in a beach house. Happy memories surround the water for her and that is what made this journey to Ireland especially exciting for Rosemary.

She has dreamt of writing a book about her life to help others but found it difficult. When this opportunity came about for a trip to Ireland, Rosemary poured herself into it and studied Ireland for nearly two years. Part of her dreams had become to pay tribute to her husband, Douglas for loving and taking care of her for so long without ever a complaint.

A trip to Ireland feeling so good and finally having the chance to spend quality time with the man of her dreams in a location that was surrounded by water-the very place that gave her peace growing up.

Rosemary is mother, wife, sister and friend for many people. In addition she has with her family organized and established an ADA Chapter in her state advocating for Diabetics worldwide with her contributions. She has won an award for her written story of how family and friends impacted her life winning a trip to Washington DC for herself and husband where she was presented with an award meeting with several leaders of the USA government. She has also been recognized with an award by the city and local newspaper for her volunteer work in Washington State.

Now, finally in her seniors years, she fulfilled her dreams of writing a book entitled "Extraordinary Dreams of An Ireland Traveler" offering you in depth information on the history of each location she writes about while she negotiated a savings for her readers when they travel to Ireland.

Rosemary says that this book has given her insight as to how to write and finish a book that was started many years ago titled "Mamie" which she plans to finish in the next year.

Rosemary resides with her husband Douglas and sweet chocolate Lab Sandy in Washington state. She says that this book would not be if it had not been for her support of her family and credits them for her dream coming true.

She also wants to thank you for reading her book and wishes you a pleasant and exciting adventure whether it is with her in this book or in Ireland!

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