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While you're not required to go to the Chinese embassy, it's still true that you will need to fill in an application form. Applying for an ITIN will permit you to complete all the incomplete info and makes it feasible to make sure the government has all the required info about you. Keep in mind that the application form ought to be typewritten.

It's essential to note that the Chinese embassies in the USA do not accept mailed visa applications. If you're a US passport holder who's eligible for a transit visa, you won't will need to turn in an application for a China visa before your arrival. The visas are accepted by the neighborhood offices and you must apply with the consulate office in your region.

You could visit the Chinese embassy and submit an application for a 10-year visa, but there's a more convenient way. You might be asked to go to the Chinese Embassy for an interview in case the visa officer deems it necessary. No matter the reason, a 10-year visa will arrive in handy.

In addition, a trip to Japantown is always wonderful. You just need to be at work by that moment. Qualified U.S. students may get student residency permits valid for as much as five years based on the period of their educational program.