Rafael Pieroni

Personal Trainer in Perth, Australia

Rafael Pieroni

Personal Trainer in Perth, Australia

Hi there and thanks for your visit.

I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at HBF Stadium in Perth, Western Australia.

You can count on me to thrive your fitness goals that could be learning some new movements, losing a few kilos, getting stronger or just becoming a fit (er) person.

I work with all kind of beginners in all levels of different exercise. A bit of water, dry condition specialist and some experience in air.

Physical Education is my school and from there I apply my mains principles.

Exercise Physiology is what mostly intrigues my curiosity at the moment.

I have been trying HIIT, bodyweight, and strength training for last two years or so and the very moment, on arunning challenge (Spartan Race on the 1st of September on the Gold Coast, QLD)

A fit and healthy body also leads you to a stronger mind and that, unleashes great things in life. :)

Get in touch through any of the social links below or click on the button above to schedule an appraisal.

Healthy regards and talk soon.


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