Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni

Personal Trainer in Perth, Australia

Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni

Personal Trainer in Perth, Australia

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Rafael, and I am from Bauru, a country city in São Paulo state, Brazil. I currently live in Perth, Western Australia.

Moving to the Land Down Under impacted me significantly and, for sure, shaped my way of thinking and doing things. I love the massive cultural variety I daily experience down here.

One of the best parts of my human journey happened in 2019 when my son was born, which brought immense happiness to my days.

In Australia, I started dedicating more time and attention to my spirituality and relationship with God. I also learned and have been practising different forms of meditation and changed my diet to vegan in 2018.

Another fundamental aspect of my life is exercise and its power of transformation, so much so that it is part of my full-time profession. Training connects me with incredible people from all walks of life worldwide.

My hobbies are playing music, jamming, online chess, and learning about consciousness, space and time.

Feel free to connect with me on any of the links below.

Ciao ciao


  • Education
    • Physical Education - UNESP
    • Exercise Physiology - UFSCar
    • Business Management - Australia Pacific College
    • Cert III and IV in Fitness
I’ve been training with Rafael for nearly four years now and our sessions have been terrific. I’ve managed two ski trips to Italy over that period, including, most recently, in January this year. Rafael’s tailored programs have built up my core strength, agility and balance, while in the lead up to this last trip we worked in additional leg exercises to forestall any likely pains coming from my first ski trip in about three winters. Thanks to Rafael there were no injuries or pains at all.
Bill Taylor - personal training client
Since I started training with Rafa my life has changed in many ways. I've gained confidence from losing weight, I've gained knowledge of all things good for my body and I've gained a lot of strength from working out hard. All of this has lead me to a better mindset. Thanks, Rafa
Reneé Edwards - personal training client