Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni

Health and Fitness Freelancer in Perth, Australia

Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni

Health and Fitness Freelancer in Perth, Australia

Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Rafael Pelegrina Pieroni, also known as Xuxa in Brazil and Raf in Australia, which is a very Aussie nickname.

I come from a Brazilian country town in São Paulo State called Bauru, famous for having a sandwich with the same name in the whole country of Brazil. There Pelé, for many considered the best soccer player of all times, started his career and the first Brazilian Astronaut and current Federal Science and Technology Minister of Brazil comes from.

I did my undergrad in Physical Education at UNESP and later specialized in Exercise Physiology at UFSCar. Currently, I am looking at expanding my knowledge and skills in different areas.

After working for ten years in my country, I've moved to Australia, where I lived in different cities such as Gold Coast, Ipswich, Brisbane and Sydney, meeting good people and making some nice friendships too.

Nowadays I am in Perth, working for a Western Australia Government agency primarily as a Personal Trainer and also as a Fitness and Sports Instructor.

Lately, I have been quite interested in trying to understand the principles of quantum electrodynamics, astronomy and astrophysics and I feel like exploring more about this new passion of mine.

I love coffee, exercising, reading, listening to music and I do not mind playing bullet chess games too.

My new inspiration and reason to be a better person is my newborn son, Ben.

Feel free to connect with me or contact me for a consultation.

Talk soon.


  • Education
    • Physical Education and Sports Science - UNESP