Ryan Alford

Engineer in State College, Pennsylvania

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I’m a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, and have enjoyed growing as a hardware design engineer since 2004 with a local embedded systems company. My area of specialty is embedded x86 computer architecture and design. Outside of my day job, I spend my time exploring new places, both locally and abroad.

I enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking and backpacking. Having grown up near Boiling Springs, the near halfway point of the Appalachian Trail, I fell in love with backpacking while hiking its local sections. Since June 1999, I’ve hiked about 350 miles on the AT, which include the completion of the sections within Maryland and Pennsylvania. In 2014, I hiked to the top of my first peak in the Adirondacks and fell in love with the rewarding 360 degree view at the top. Since then, I’ve taken on the challenge of becoming a 46er, one who has hiked to the summit of each of the 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks region. One day, I would like to learn some basic mountaineering skills, and incorporate some basic climbing into my adventures.

In recent years, I’ve enjoyed identifying and photographing wildflowers. My latest photos have all been shot with an iPhone 5S and are edited with Instagram, but I often consider buying a “real” camera. (Birds are just too far away too get a good photograph. Smaller flowers are also a challenge.) One at a time, I am also learning some birds and their calls.

I love to travel and look forward to any opportunity to see new parts of our world. My travels have taken me to over 35 US states and 14 National Parks, reaching as far as Maine, Florida, Washington, and Hawaii. Thus far, the countries outside of North America I have visited are Germany, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece. When I am an old man, I think it would be pretty cool to have a lot of stories to tell about my travels across the upper six continents.

I’ve been designing and building some form of a webpage since the pre Web 2.0 age, some of which have fragments that still exist today. During college, I dabbled in PHP, and coded my own database-driven multi-user weblog and wiki project, but eventually “gave in” to WordPress.

  • Work
    • Hardware Engineer
  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering