Rami Albatal


Currently Post-doctoral researcher at Insight Centre for Data Analytics in Dublin City University, I am a computer science researcher, Ph.D. graduated from Grenoble University - France (2010).

My research focuses on three main area: Lifelogging, Automatic Image Classification and Machine Learning. After having achieved my Ph.D. and worked for two years on research related to visual content analysis and retrieval, I am currently working on proposing new generation of Lifelogging technologies (integrated with wearable and portable devices such as Google Glasses, Memoto and Smartphones/Tablets) that employ advanced image analysis and machine learning, in order to extract semantic information from Lifelogging/self-tracking data for real time recommendation and information retrieval, or to perform advanced lifestyle and behavioral analysis.

I have expertise in Research&Development, Software Engineering and Research Projects Management.

  • Work
    • Dublin City University
  • Education
    • Damascus University
    • Joseph Frourier University
    • Grenoble University