ray anthony

Sales Director / Closer Team Player, Software Architect, and Founder in Los Angeles, California

ray anthony

Sales Director / Closer Team Player, Software Architect, and Founder in Los Angeles, California

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Hi I'm Ray a business owner (real), consultant, marketer, sales manager, trainer/boiler-room ringleader, flexible vegetarian since age 4, and the biggest Rolling Stones fan I know and a developer. Coding mail harvesters,ip rotators, contextual ad networks, lead gen tools, web sites, apps, analytics, voice, video, and run Linux or ChromeOS.

I've been an entrepreneur since my teens I don't know any other way to think or be. I am real though. The hype is nothing like me it is what is fake, it trivializes me and any at all like me.

In trying to recall the companies I've launched it dawned on me that starting 3 corps from losing (4?) with no funding, each pacing $100K+ monthly, month 1, or 3 corps on track each top a $1M year one is pretty hardcore for anyone. Here a degree-less 20 something year old kid raised by the system, with little more than a one amazing partner.

You know you fit the criteria of having done something extraordinary, defying the odds when not a soul on earth believes you describing your month/day/year. See it's complimentary but i'd be happier with less stress + a simple story. Its been disastrous actually to have people thinking you are joking, lying, or not serious. The odds beat me after all maybe.

So again forgetting I'm the exception always as a rule, oddly relating often in inverse, smiling at being someones "what if" scenario and just nodding along. Life requires I learn to accept and be at peace with it. Embrace it

I trade time between Mexico and Los Angeles. But tend to think of America as bullshit hence why I walked away from my condo in the financial district and moved just south of Tijuana. I found a priceless sort of peace there, and what wasn't priceless was priced-less. Ha-ha!

I've never been funded. In the end someone screws it up. I've given away nearly every company I've built to success to such people.

Better I suppose than being the shortsighted poor sod who cannot be a friend, nor even competent enemy without sabotage and theft. only the last time did I not prevail.

If ever a man out-of-time falls in sync blessed to be useful such that he's perfectly suited for this time and place what tragedy to see him tripped now this moment, start of the race of his life. anyway I assume less, see more choices, believe still

  • Work
    • edapte,cloudenvy,webmx,RCAssoc
  • Education
    • MBA ($Million Business Achiever)
    • Oregon Institute of Technology